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Penguicon 4.0

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Welcome to Penguicon

Open Source Software & Science Fiction Convention

Penguicon 5.0 will be April 20 - 22, 2007 in Troy, MI, with Bruce Schneier, John Kovalic, Randy Milholland, and more.

We'll get this page updated A.S.A.P.

When is Penguicon 4.0?

April 21-23, 2006

Where is Penguicon?

Penguicon 4.0: Livonia Holiday Inn Holidome in Livonia, MI.
For information on Penguicon's room block, to get our discount rate code, or to find out about some of the hotels policies please visit our hotel page.

Who will be at Penguicon?

Tech GoH- Chris DiBona: Google's Open Source Program Director

Filk Music GoH- Frank Hayes: Filker Extraordinaire, Tech Columnist for Computerworld

Gaming GoHs- Andy Looney, Kristin Looney, Alison Looney: Fluxx, Icehouse, Are You A Werewolf

Author GoHs- Steve Miller and Sharon Lee: Liaden Universe Novels

How do I attend Penguicon?

For information about attending, including prices, please read the Registration Information page or to register to attend please fill out the Registration Application.
Please keep in mind that Preregistration ended on March 31, 2006, you will now have to register at the door.

What is Penguicon?

To those of you familiar with the Linux and Open Source community, think of a weekend long Linux Users Group meeting with hundreds of other geeks which also just happens to have nationally acclaimed guests, its own wireless network, free caffeine and snacks always available, hotel room parties, lots of folks talking about Science Fiction and Fantasy, situated next to a place to buy really cool t-shirts and buttons and such, and with some extra events like amateur singing, anime, and a costume contest.

To those of you familiar with Science Fiction conventions, imagine all the convention features you know and love, with the addition of wireless internet access, computer gaming, people who know about online publishing / books on demand / digital art, a programming track involving computing topics and another one focusing on the crossover between Science Fiction and computing.

And what else is there at Penguicon? There is a shared computing and SF dealer's room. There is a Masquerade, and a rocking Dance. There are reading and signing sessions from our guest authors, 24 hour gaming, an anime room, and a Live Action Role Playing game. There is a Linux Installfest, Birds of a Feather sessions, computing and programming tutorials, and info kiosks. We have coffee, the famed "Water Joe", and OpenCola in the con suite, which is open to everyone. (And this year we plan to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen!) We do technical presentations and seminars. There is a writing workshop. There is filk. There are homemade robots.

All of this on a three day weekend. And Penguicon 4.0 will have even more. We're looking forward to seeing YOU there!

The 24-hour Anime Room at Penguicon 4.0 is provided by the local anime convention Youmacon.

Penguicon Design ConTest

Information about last years convention, Penguicon3.0, is available at

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