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Penguicon 4.0

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Penguicon 4.0 User Reports

User Reports About Penguicon4.0

Other People's Penguicon 4.0 Reports

Lots of Guests of Honor, Nifty Guests, and others have posted convention reports.

More Pictures of Penguicon

Kevin Siembieda Needs Our Help!

Penguicon 4 Report

Penguicon 4 was a blast and we have photos, videos and audio to prove it!

Trouble Booking a Room, Read This.

Penguicon is now getting reports from people that they have been unable to book a room both over the phone and online and the hotel has told us that there are plenty of rooms left.

Want Us To Get Free Run Of The Place? Book A Room.

If we meet our room block, we get fountain, greenery, pool, hot tub, and convention events in the atrium. A multistory Chaos Machine. With 24 hour access. So go book a room! We're so close to having a pool and hot tub at 3 a.m. Please?

Dealer Registration Closed

Dealer registration is now closed! The Dealer Room is FULL!!

Rate Increase Postponed

Due to a problem getting the mailer out on time, the registration rate increase from $35 to $40 has been postponed until February 28.

Cafe Penguicon at ConFusion

New Hotel for Penguicon 2006

Penguicon 4.0 in 2006 will take place at the Livonia Holiday Inn Holidome.

Cafe Penguicon at ConClave a Big Success

Cafe Penguicon is a party which Penguicon holds in hotel suites at other conventions.

Tech GOH Announcement, Chris DiBona & Frank Hayes

We have two tech guests this year, Chris DiBona and Frank Hayes! And one of them doubles as a filk guest as well!

Gaming GOH Announcement, Andy Looney

We're excited to announce that the genius game designer, activist, and former NASA programmer Andy Looney has accepted our invitation to be Gaming Guest of Honor for Penguicon 4.0!


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