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Penguicon 4.0

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Audio and Video of events at Penguicon!
Tea Parties In Science Fiction (12MB .wav audio)

Due to a bizarrely over-sensitive "terrornoia", the Livonia Holiday Inn was uncomfortable with our panelists and attendees talking about war in an open area during our convention. The discussion panel about "Warfare in Science Fiction" was located in an open area across from Alison Looney's Stuffed Animal Tea Party. So Dave Klecha came up with the idea to substitute "tea party" for "war". The panelists, John Scalzi, M. Keaton, Jeff Beeler, and Barbara Trumpinski-Roberts, picked up the idea and ran with it, substituting "going to the bathroom" for "dying", "sugar" for "ammo", "serve" for "shoot", "cup" for "target" and so forth. Here's a link to a complete wave-file of the panel recorded by Tobias Buckell, which turned out to be both hilarious and seriously insightful about war in science fiction.

Liquid Nitrogen in the Swimming Pool (YouTube streaming video)

Nifty Guest Howard Tayler of took this video of Penguicon co-founder Rob Landley throwing a bowl of liquid nitrogen in the swimming pool, and the resulting billow of fog.

Mentos And Coke... For Science! (Google Video stream)

This took place out in an empty field on the morning before Penguicon 4.0 was to begin. Guest of Honor Chris DiBona and former Guest of Honor Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda filmed this video with other Slashdot cohorts of putting Mentos in Coke with explosive results, for science!

Coffee Ritual Processional (YouTube streaming video)

We had been up all night, but we gathered at 10 in the morning to sup the coffee sacrament and say in unison, "God, I needed that!" Here is the processional of the barista and acolytes as we begin to worship the holy bean. We are chanting "coffea arabica". This part of the ritual is homage to a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

(YouTube streaming video)

Somebody uploaded this video of Penguicon 4.0 to the internet and didn't tell us! If you find some, please email [email protected] and we'll link to it from this page. This video is of Howard Tayler of and "TRON Guy" Jay Maynard cooking chupaquesos in the ConSuite. A chupaqueso is a cheese crisp folded around melted cheese.
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