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Contest Rules

First Annual Contest To Design Next Year's Website Theme

To enter the contest you must accept the following contest rules. If you do not accept the following rules your contest entry will not be complete and you will be disqualified from the contest. Please read these rules in there entirety and click the Accept Button at the bottom of the page to acknowledge your acceptance of these rules. If you do not accept these rules and therefore wish to exclude yourself from the contest click the Decline button and you will be redirected to the main Peguicon page


1) Anyone that wishes to enter the contest must fill out the contest entry form on the Penguicon Website. All application for inclusion into the contest must be submitted before 11:59:59 PM April 1, 2006.

2) The contest entry must be submitted to the contest committee on or before 8:00PM April 20, 2006. The submitted entry must be complete. If an incomplete entry is submitted the contestant(s) may be disqualified. Submit entries to: [email protected]

3) The contest entry must be a theme for the Penguicon Website or Wiki and must be compatable with both Plone 2.0 and Plone 2.1. Entries must also contain all CSS, XHTML, Python, JavaScript, etc. code needed for the theme to fully functional when installed on the Penguicon Website. All code must be able to pass W3C XHTML 1.0 and CSS validation.

4) All entries must include installation instructions; those entries without installation instructions may be disqualified.

5) All entries must be an original design and should not include code from other Plone themes.

6) Entries must be licensed under the GPL or LGPL and include said license in the archive with the code.

7) All entries must be submitted in either tar.gz(ip), tar.bzip,, (g)zip, or bzip format or a similar archiving/compressing format. If the archiving/compression format is not well known the contestant(s) must inform the judges of the steps needed to unarchive/uncompress there entry. All entries not compressed/archived will be disqualified, if the entry is submitted in an unknown compression/archiving format without extraction instructions the entry will be disqualified.

8) The winning contestant(s) will be given credit for their themes usage on the Penguicon website and said theme will be used for the following years convention website.

9) Prizes: First place will be awarded as one (1) admission to Penguicon 5.0 in 2007 and the use of their theme on the Penguicon website and/or wiki; Second and Third place entrees will be allowed to pick their own prize from the Penguicon prize closet. The winner(s) of the contest will be determined by votes submitted by the attendees of Penguicon. The winner(s) will be determined by the number of votes received during the course of voting, which will be held from 5:00PM April 21, 2006 through 11:00AM April, 23 2006.

10) These rules are subject to change. Updated rules will be posted @

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