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Dealer Info

Dealer registration is now closed! The Dealer Room is FULL!!

The 2006 Dealers Room hours are:

Friday 4pm-8pm

Saturday 11am-7pm

Sunday 12pm-4pm.

Penguicon loves our dealers; this year we are striving to make our dealer area better than last year. We are actively seeking a wide range of dealers, so no matter what you're selling, whether it be books, collectibles, electronics, computer equipment, media items, T-shirts, or positronic brain tune-up kits, we'd like to see you at Penguicon.

Current dealers list as of 3.29.06:

Amber Fox
Avalon Books
Cards Xtcetera
Costumes by Loren
Diamondwood Leather
Earth Wisdom
Elemental Jewelry
Fantasy Fashions
Forbidden Treasures
John Bowen
Larry Smith, Bookseller
OffWorld Designs
Pegasus Publishing

Penguicon's dealer room coordinator is Francine Rossi, who will handle all communications. Please contact her directly at [email protected] with all questions. All requests for tables should be done online via our Dealer Registration System.

All Penguicon dealers' tables are eight feet long. Every dealer will receive one convention membership with the rental of their first table. There will be a limit of three tables per dealer.

First dealers' table$60 (includes one convention registration)
Additional tables:$45 per table (does not include registrations)
Dealers' staff registrations: $30 per person

Contact: [email protected]

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